From consecutive snow storms causing major outages and making a lot of children happy (although it makes Summer vacation that much shorter), to major severe weather events in November, 2013 was a year to remember. So what does this mean for Americans once the Spring chase season starts? At the moment, only time will tell.

SIA Consists of several teams located in various states of trained weather spotters and seasoned chasers. Covering many professions, from IT's to Firefighters, Soldiers to professional Videographers, they all have one thing in common... They are geared up, and ready to get the 2015 season started.

Join us as we venture out to experience Mother Nature's fury, in an attempt to make our communities just a little safer, and a little more prepared.

-Storm Intercept Association

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Weather Defender

"Weather Defender provides weather tracking information, including live weather satellite, live weather Doppler and local weather radar to notify you in the event of severe weather. We have system administrators monitoring weather data feeds to ensure the most up to date weather information to give families time to prepare before severe and potentially dangerous weather conditions arrive."

Storm Prediction Center

Get information on impending severe weather events. This site also contains predictions on when and where severe weather is supposed to strike

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